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Education for Sustainable Development - Fertile Ground for Enquiry-Based Learning

EBL for sustainable development was a key theme that CEEBL has adopted to provide context for our goal of embedding EBL approaches throughout the curriculum at the University of Manchester. Sustainable development requires the collaboration of many different disciplines, and there are ample opportunities to engage students with issues relating to sustainable development and challenge them to take a greater role in devising their own research questions and the methods to address them. CEEBL have pursued EBL for sustainable development in a number of ways:

  1. CEEBL has developed the new multidisciplinary course unit, The Manchester Sustainable City Project, for second year students in collaboration with the Sustainable Consumption Institute.
  2. CEEBL has supported the Green City Project, which allows students to use EBL as research-based learning to develop solutions independently or in discipline teams on real projects for the Manchester City Council.
  3. CEEBL has sponsored the CEEBL Green Award in collaboration with Venture Out to encourage students to think creatively about possible solutions to address important environmental issues.