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CEEBL supported the development of usable, effective and appropriate Enquiry-Based Learning materials online; provided and developed guidance materials for academics and learning technologists on how to deliver Enquiry-Based Learning through e-learning. CEEBL re-focused their activities and explored the use of e-learning technologies to support some new initiatives e.g. Enquiry-Based Learning for sustainable development, global citizenship and ethics.

Past Projects

Labour Economics - Year 3 UG elective
The module aims to introduce students to the analytical tools of modern labour economics, illustrate the method of labour economics with empirical evidence drawn from the UK and other developed countries and discuss and evaluate selected labour market policies pursued by government including policy towards minimum wages, education, immigration, discrimination.

Management of Projects - FT MSc
The aim of the course unit is to introduce students to the field of project finance, the typical projects for which project finance is used, how to structure projects, how to raise finance and how to manage the project risks.

Global Health: Health System Challenges - Masters in Public Health (MPH)

Work-Based Medical Education - 3 year PT MSc
The MSc in Work-Based Medical Education is a three yr part time programme aimed at clinicians with educational roles and responsibilities. This module aims to Develop an EBL environment for medical educators.

Earth Resouces - UG Level 1
An introduction to the nature and origin of the Earth's energy, mineral and water resources, and environmental issues concerning their exploitation

Governing Global Environmental Change - PG
The module aims to give students first-hand experience of the international environmental policy community and state-of-the-art knowledge of global environmental governance. Enable students to gain experience working in interdisciplinary teams on real-world policy problems.

Older Projects

Interdisciplinary Sustainable Development - Year 3 Undergraduate Course
A 10 credit undergraduate elective offered to students in MACE, EEE, SEAES, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Through EBL interdisciplinary teams of up to eight students learn by tackling a series of short live sustainable development projects over twelve weeks. CEEBL are

Pharmaceutical Chemistry EBL - Year 1 MPharm Course
Enquiry-based module as part of the 4 year MPharm programme. This module is about the application of the organic and pharmaceutical chemistry knowledge learnt in the semester 1 module PHAR 10101 to drugs useful for the treatment of a chosen disease. It introduces these students to an experience of pharmaceutical team work, independent learning, data retrieval, problem solving and presentations and report writing. CEEBL are

Doctor of Practical Theology (DPT) - PGR Professional Doctorate
An innovative new programme from the School of Arts, Histories and Cultures. The DPT is a practice-based research degree aimed at participants in a variety of professional and/or voluntary contexts. CEEBL are