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Glossary of Terms


The University of Manchester's institutional Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is Blackboard Vista.

CEEBL - Centre for Excellence in Enquiry-Based Learning

See our main page on this website

CETIS - Centre for Education Technology Interoperability Standards

See CETIS website.

CETL - Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

The Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) initiative has two main aims: to reward excellent teaching practice, and to further invest in that practice so that CETLs funding delivers substantial benefits to students, teachers and institutions. See HEFCE website.

EBL - Enquiry-Based Learning

Learning driven by a process of enquiry owned by the student. See About EBL.

FDTL - Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning

HEFCE and Department for Employment and Learning fund to support stimulating developments in teaching and learning. See HE Academy website for further information.

HE Academy, HEA - The Higher Education Academy

Independent organisation funded by four UK funding bodies and higher education institutions. Established to support and improve the quality of the student learning experience. See HE Academy website.

HEFCE - Higher Education Funding Council for England

Government funding council. See HEFCE website.

Inquiry-Based Learning

See Enquiry-Based Learning.

iPED - The Inquiring Pedagogies (iPED) Research Network

Based at Coventry University to support pedagogic inquiry. Hosts an annual conference. See iPED website.

JISC - Joint Information Systems Committee

JISC supports UK Further and Higher Education with the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). See JISC website.

JORUM - A free online repository service for Further and Higher Education

See JORUM website.

PBL - Problem-Based Learning

Learning through designed problems or scenarios.

RLO - Reusable Learning Object

A stand-alone object of e-learning material that can be reused in multiple learning contexts. See Polansi article on defining a Learning Object.

SEDA - Staff and Educational Development Association

See SEDA website.

Subject Centres, Subject Network

A network of discipline-based support centres co-ordinated through the Higher Education Academy. See HE Academy website.

VLE - Virtual Learning Environment

Software which combines a range of learning tools in a single 'virtual environment' where students can access learning material, interact with one another and their tutor and undertake some form of assessment. The University of Manchester uses Blackboard Vista.