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What is Enquiry-Based Learning (EBL)?

“Enquiry-Based Learning inspires students to learn for themselves, bringing a real research-orientated approach to the subject.”

Dr Bill Hutchings

EBL describes an environment in which learning is driven by a process of enquiry owned by the student.

Starting with a ‘scenario’ and with the guidance of a facilitator, students identify their own issues and questions. They then examine the resources they need to research the topic, thereby acquiring the requisite knowledge. Knowledge so gained is more readily retained because it has been acquired by experience and in relation to a real problem.

It is essential that our students are educated for knowledge creation, lifelong learning and leadership. They will take on leading roles in their future working environments: directing change, asking important questions, solving problems and developing new knowledge.

EBL covers a spectrum of approaches, for example:

EBL includes Problem Based Learning, Small scale investigations and Projects and Research

Characteristics of EBL

Benefits of EBL

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